Punishment Now and Then

by Harmony Hamilton, Managing Editor

Hiram Torres, born in 1930 with a twin brother and the father of five, gives his thoughts on spanking and the way kids are being brought up in this generation.

“I got many spankings coming up, but it didn’t hurt me…not enough to where I got bruised or abused, but I felt it. That is one thing that I notice so much about today’s parents, they don’t spank their kids.

“I also think that the parents aren’t devoting enough time participating in their kids’ lives.

“When my kids were growing up and there was a function at school, we went.
Because I feel as though if you don’t show your child that you are interested in what is going on in his school, then he’s going to say, ‘Hey my parents don’t care.’

“It may be because both parents are working. But at least one should find the time. Going to open houses, school activities, or field trips… I don’t think the parents devote enough time to that.