ST. JOSEPH MANOR is a peaceful place. A place where seniors can live in comfortable apartments, have meals prepared, socialize when they like and even impress their neighbors with festive door decorations.
Celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, the retirement community is so popular they are currently expanding the original 56-unit complex to include more apartments in a new facility. It’s a thriving place.

It’s also a place full of history — history of the residents, history of the community, history of a culture. More history than one realizes until you start to listen. And that’s just what the Mass Communication Department’s capstone students did this semester. They listened. And they collected a small piece of history.

For this inaugural issue of Garde Voir Ci — a magazine that looks at South Louisiana culture, life and history — it made sense to start with our past. To start with a little about where we came from. And we have a lot more perspectives to get. But this is the beginning. The start of looking at us.

Special thanks to St. Joseph Manor Administrator Ann Thibodaux for graciously opening her doors.