The Rougarou

Torri Sepulvado, Special Sections Editor

The Swamp Monster The Rougarou is South Louisiana’s own swamp monster. It is a common folktale parents use to keep children from crawling out of their beds at night and causing mischief.

According to Brian Head, a Cajun from Berwick, the Rougarou “looks like a half wolf man with big teeth ready to tear into a man.”

The Rougarou is a legend that evolved from the French legend of loup-garou.

“Loup” is the French word for wolf, and “garou” meaning man. The Rougarou is the story of the werewolf. Some even claim that a man becomes the Rougarou if he breaks from Catholic religious tradition.

Larry Faulk, a Catholic Cajun from Morgan City, says his mom used to tell him that if he broke the rules for Lent he would turn into the Rougarou.

And at the top of the story is Chase Boudreaux from Lockport talking about the Rougarou legend.