Chu-Chut // A Little Something

Welcome to Chu-Chut!

by Katie Fletcher

Chu-chut is a Cajun word meaning – thing. It usually refers to something small. It replaces a word that you can’t think of when you need to use it. As Cajuns we speak extremely fast, so instead of waiting for the word to come we quickly replace it with chu-chut.

In South Louisiana the word chu-chut can be used by anybody in any situation. In the kitchen it can be used to refer to a measuring spoon, chip clip, or even a crumb on a countertop. In the car a chu-chut can be anything from a key chain to a loose hair tie. In a conversation between friends the word may be used to replace the clasp of a necklace or a zipper.

At Garde Voir Ci we use Chu-Chut as a section for little things we want to share.