Mossy Ridge Farm // Generation To Generation

by Claire LeBeouf, Staff Writer

GREG MALBROUGH and his wife Heather took on the challenge to run Mossy Ridge Farm, but they never expected it would become a full-time job.

With two generations of farmers behind them, the Malbroughs inherited a passion for farming. Now this third-generation farm located in Houma is one of the most successful in the area. From growing to producing different types of fresh foods ranging from micro greens, eggs, and shiitake mushrooms, Mossy Ridge is a busy place. The Marlboroughs also tend to pastured hens and pasture-raised chickens. An important aspect of maintaining the farm is keeping the quality of their food consistent for their customers. This is essential to the Mossy Ridge owners, and so is a strong work ethic.

“The most important part of having a farm is developing the skill sets to make it all work,” Greg says. “In one day you will do plumbing, mechanical work, butchering, sales call, deliveries and veterinary work.”

The ability to multitask goes hand in hand with being a “Jack of all Trades” businessman like Greg. His hard work and dedication to the growth of the local food and produce market is what makes his business successful.

With the to-do list a mile long, it comes as no surprise that the inspiration behind opening Mossy Ridge was to offer consumers in the area a choice of what kind of food they eat, which is no easy task. But, when the Malbroughs saw a need in the market for local, fresh food they knew they could be the ones to fulfill it. Being a third generation farming business, they knew they had the knowledge and the tools to make Mossy Ridge a local success.

“When you call the farm you will be talking to the person who grew the food you eat,” Greg says. “I am the grower, the distributor and the retailer.”

He and his wife believe that Mossy Ridge, and other markets and farms like it, are more than just about supporting local businesses, but more importantly about the health of our community.

“It’s good for you, the consumer, to know who you are buying from, to know what you are putting in your body and to know that you’re getting the best quality that a local source can provide because if they don’t provide the best they can, they will not be in business long,” Greg says.

From sourcing to growing, producing and distributing, Mossy Ridges does it all. The Malbroughs are all natural and all in.

“We were raised back in the days when you ate what you grew and if you took care of your land it would take care of you. We truly want to bring back those core values to the family that we’re raising and hopefully to future generations,” Greg says. “And we thank our fathers, grandfathers, and uncles for being such an inspiration for what we have and will accomplish on Mossy Ridge Farm.”