Working for Health // Colonel Nutrition

by Taylor Gautreaux, co-features editor

No one in the Bayou Region is working to inspire community members to live a healthier lifestyle quite like Colonel Nutrition.

Vinson Towns opened the smoothie and vitamin supplement shop, located at 1008 Canal Boulevard in Thibodaux, in late 2009.

Vinson’s interest in nutrition and fitness developed after the passing of a loved one due to health-related issues. He became determined to improve his own lifestyle and opted to start a business that would help others do the same.

At Colonel Nutrition, Vinson makes an effort to connect with every person they serve. The bond he builds with customers plays a large role in the shop’s success.

“We text our customers on a daily basis,” Vinson says. “We communicate on a level where we’re making sure they are on the right track to reaching their goals. We want them to know we’re here to help them, not just do a business transaction.”

Pictures of those customers before and after their transformations line one wall of Colonel Nutrition. Motivational quotes fill another.

One regular customer, Brad Rodrigue, has gotten a smoothie from Colonel Nutrition every day for the past seven years as part of his daily workout routine.

“The smoothies are unbeatable,” Brad says. “I always come here after visiting the Wellness Center and they automatically boost my spirits and really just make me feel good.”

Vinson’s daughter Zoie helps operate Colonel Nutrition. Like her father, she is passionate about encouraging people to live a healthy life.

“I love to see when people are impacted by the products that we carry,” she says. “People come in every day and tell me how our smoothies helped them lose weight or gave them more energy throughout the day. That’s what we want to hear.”

Colonel Nutrition offers nearly 80 flavors of meal-replacement smoothies that satisfy hunger for typically three hours. Each smoothie has less than 250 calories and contains 25 grams of protein and 9 grams of carbs.

For people who are interested in making their own smoothies at home, vitamin supplements can also be purchased at the shop.

However, Colonel Nutrition offers more to the community than tasty drinks. They hold free fitness camps on Monday through Thursday evenings in Peltier Park.

“All you need to do is show up,” says Vinson. “Show up with a good attitude and be ready to get a powerful workout in.”

Vinson hopes for Colonel Nutrition to continue being a source of inspiration and encouragement for citizens of the Bayou Region to make healthier life choices and stay in shape.