Ana Pizzolio, Asst. Executive Editor, & Jessica Taylor, Features Editor

In every time and place throughout history, women have played a major role in life and culture. Especially at this time in history, when women are coming together so visibly, Garde Voir Ci is taking a look at the women of the Bayou region — the women and their unique stories, experiences and challenges that make South Louisiana what it is today.

Across the United States and the world, women are in the forefront — running as the first female presidential candidate for a major party, marching on Washington, and, in March, celebrating Women’s History Month and staging A Day Without Women protests.

South Louisiana women, too, have been and are an integral part of the region’s history and culture. From leading in business and government to playing with the best of them, bayou women are at the heart of the region’s past and future.

The Cajun women bring pieces of their roots to this culture — roots in Canada, France, Africa, Europe and more. Those roots aren’t just regional, but also spiritual. Catholic, protestant and Native American faiths are all threads in these women’s tapestry.

So, “Look at This” to learn more about the women at play, women in power, and women of spirit in South Louisiana in this edition of Garde Voir Ci.

Meet these Bayou Women . . .at Play, in Power and of Spirit *

*look for these profiles on other stories in this issue to meet more women of the Bayou Region