Betty Crochet Breland

Current Hometown: Belle Chasse

While Breland was born in Grand Bayou in 1938, her family moved away when she was an infant. But she visited her grandmother in Grand Bayou frequently.
Get on my grandmother’s porch with my crawfish net and catch crawfish off of the porch during high water.
Riding my cousin’s bicycle to visit my grandmother on the other end or visit my aunt on the other end of the street. It was called (Latre Bewt) meaning the other end. Also had a Gambling Joint called (la comte brue) at the end of the street where I would go to get malts or milkshakes that were made with the minimum of ingredients. (milk & shaved ice) Riding the bus during high water going to school at St. Elizabeth’s and hearing the water squish between the wheels.
I miss my Grandmother Adele Dupre, no longer being in Grand Bayou.
All of the Rousseau cousins would gather for a reunion every year to tell stories of Grand Bayou, and bring pictures. They also gather at St. Elizabeth to have a mass for their ancestors.
[Favorite Memory] Riding the bus during High waters going to school at Saint Elizabeth’s, hearing the water squish between the wheels.