Cyprien August Barrilleaux


1825 – 1856

Plattenville, Louisiana
Son of Francois Barrilleau from France. C.A. was living with his father and siblings in Assumption Parish in 1850 where his father’s real estate was worth $35,000 in 1850 ($1.17 million in 2020 dollars), according to the 1850 US Census.
Justice of the Peace.
In a newspaper clipping from 1856, it said “Mr. C.A. Barrilleaux particularly distinguished himself at this time, and finally fell a victim to his bravery and resolution. He had rescued nearly all of Mr. Pugh’s family, and went back to render assistance to that of Mr. Beatty, when the exertion proved too much for him, and he sank with a lady whom he had in his arms endeavoring to save, and they rose no more, all attempts to reach them proving utterly fruitless.”


Barrilleaux’s wife, Pauline, was 5 months pregnant when he died. His son, Cyprian Arthur Barrilleaux was born in December of 1856.