Service // In the Military

Like all communities, members of the Grand Bayou community answered the call to serve in the U.S. MILITARY. From the world wars and beyond, the people of Grand Bayou and their descendants have served in the armed forces.

World War II

army air corps

Earl P. Rousseau

Son of Adele Dupré and Marcellin Rousseau, Earl Pierre Rousseau was a master sergeant in the US Army Air Corps during World War II. He was the top turret gunner in a B25 Mitchell and stationed in the Philippines for most of his service during the war.

While he was away, he’d write to his mother, signing his letters with love,

B-25 Mitchell was a medium bomber that was used by many Allied air forces in every theater of World War II.


Harold "Picou" Rousseau

Another son of Adele Dupré and Marcellin Rousseau, Harold “Picou” Rousseau served as a corporal in the Army. He served in the 363rd Army Engineers in Iran during World War II. Harold also wrote letters to his mother, like the one pictured, signing it “lots of love to you,”