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Plaquemine, Louisiana


A slave of the Thomas Mille family.

Came with the Mille family as a slave to serve while they were on the island.

Richard tried to convince Mille to move his family and slaves into a stable building with sturdy, deeply driven pilings. But Mille refused.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, “Richard hid out in the stable, the only building the storm didn’t level. Emma Mille, the planter’s 18-year-old daughter, was one of several survivors who grabbed pieces of wood as they were swept out to sea, then held on until the storm shifted and cast them back onto the island. Richard found Emma on the beach, deeply wounded, and brought her to Alfred Duperier, a doctor who had survived the storm by tying himself to an armoire and floating on it for 20 hours.”

Interesting Fact

Richard brought his owner’s daughter, Emma, who was badly injured in the storm to a doctor. While treating her for her injuries, the 30-year-old widower, Dr. Alfred Duperier, and Emma fell in love and married that December.