Isle Dernière's


High waves and higher than usual tides
Marshes around the island were submerged, animals were unsettled and The Star had difficulty sailing down the Atchafalaya through Four League Bay into Caillou Bay.
The Star, having difficulty navigating, continued to the island to help those they could.
Conditions worsened as the storm neared with flooding, blinding rain and gusting wind.
The category 4 storm officially made landfall with winds up to 150 mph.
The winds shifted and the waves battered the drowning island throughout the night.
Nothing was left on the island.

  • Last Island Hurricane dissipated over southwestern Mississippi
  • Figured no one on mainland knew survivors were stranded
  • Resort guest, John Davis set out on a sailboat to the mainland
  • Davis arrived the Brashear City Hotel before dawn reporting that Last Island had been swept away by a storm
  • Help dispatched in all directions to announce calamity & crippled conditions of survivors

The hurricane over southwestern Mississippi. Word finally made it to the mainland about the storm.
Help arrived from Brashear City (Morgan City)
Pirates looted valuables.

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