Joshua Pitre

Cut Off, Louisiana
currently in Washington DC
United Houma Nation

Pitre is the director of government relations at Clause Law in Washington DC. He has worked on behalf of tribal nations for more than a decade.

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“One of the most important traditions that I’ve been able to learn about, and really want to learn more and pass on to my daughter, is our traditions related to medicinal plants.”

“It means everything. My whole life has kind of been centered around the fact that I am a member of the tribe. I mentioned my great grandfather who was a traitor at the community. He spent his whole life off of the land in a traditional way. My grandma was a tribal council for several years and she also worked at our tribal center for decades. My mom served for over a decade as principal chief of the tribe and so I just grew up in that environment.

“It was part of my everyday life, just being a member of the tribe and seeing what I can do to be helpful and carrying on those traditions and our recognition efforts.”

“I loved growing up in south Louisiana. As I mentioned, I am in Washington D.C now so as I mentioned, I am able to come home fairly often. I spent nearly ten months here in Louisiana during the pandemic and I haven’t spent that much time home in probably over a decade. So, it was great to be back despite the circumstances.

“People say oh you lost your down the bayou accent. Being home for a while… The fact that I grew up in southern Louisiana around a lot of great people, great food, great music, you know the French language that we speak down here, so yeah, I wouldn’t want to grow up anywhere else.

“In D.C I work for a small law firm that represents Indian tribes across the country.”