Keyja Washington

Thibodaux, Louisiana

During the storm, I wasn’t sure if we were going to die. We heard the whistling of the wind, our windows were uncovered, and there were constant reports of damages. My younger siblings kept asking if we would die and I couldn’t give them a concrete answer. I just couldn’t. 

The hardest thing after the storm was losing power and internet. Just the world we live in, it’s hard to be so dependent on technology and electricity and not have it. It was hard to find out things going on. We had to use a radio. We also were struggling with our generator going in and out.

It was also hard because I was in a house with a lot of people and we were all hot, bored, and miserable. It was hard to get what we needed. 

Just hard dealing with losing our house completely. And the rain after was so bad and it was hard to get help for that and to get people to come help with those damages. It was hard to deal with damages in general. My mom’s house wasn’t severely damaged, but still had roof leaks.

The biggest loss from Ida has been the severe damages my grandma’s house now has. Also, being forced to live with other family members until the house can be fixed is a big loss.