Lucas Gilbert

Cut Off, Louisiana

United Houma Nation
“My favorite tradition would have to be beading, in which my mother, she is a very good beader in which she taught me how to bead. And so she passed down her knowledge to me. In which I have actually, in some part, have taught others to bead. So, I am passing down what she taught me, you know, to others. So that is my favorite one.”
“I would say it is taking heritage, and the history and being able to apply it, even to the modern day, in which, taking the old traditions and making them new, and then also too, remembering the old ways and carrying it on into the modern era. I think that’s what us, in our generation should strive to do.”
“South Louisiana is just like what it is. It’s growing up in south Louisiana. Hot summers, you know, chill winters, maybe a couple of days of freezing cold, and then hot again. But other than that, I would not trade it for anything else. Good food, good people, just all around great.”