Curry Schaubhut

Bayou Gauche, Louisiana

“When I was a kid I lived down there mostly during the summer time. I didn’t go to school or anything down there, but we had a trailer on the canal. I was like 7 years old. We used to shrimp. My daddy was a shrimper. We would go out shrimping and I would pick out the crabs and get $2 a bucket and I would sell them to the old Bridge Side Marina and that’s how I made my money at 7 years old.”

“Everything, it’s bad…it’s bad. I fared out good. The first few miles, half the island on the west side by the bridge, pretty much destroyed. My camp made out good; I only lost five pieces of vinyl. We have some oak trees by us and I think that’s what saved us.”
“Oh yeah, it’s going to be back. Grand Isle didn’t lose much land. They lost the beach from wind pushing up sand under homes and on the land itself. The first three miles, pretty bad, by the bridge and all. When we pulled up I was amazed. Some of the fishing will be messed up close to the shore for a while, but I haven’t heard any negative things about offshore fishing. Grand Isle will be back.”