The People

by Jonathan Eastwood, features editor

When hearing about people from another area or culture, it can be easy to forget that they are regular, ordinary humans. The people of Grand Isle form a strong, close-knit community. They work, play, and live together on the island. The residents know each other and are friendly to visitors.

“They’re very resilient – the entire community is resilient,” says Grand Isle School principal Christine Templet.

“They’re very resilient – the entire community is resilient.”

— Christine Templet, Grand Isle School principal

Grand Isle is often frequented by vacationers – whether they are visiting for the first time or staying in their camp for the summer. Many camp owners grew up frequenting the island with their parents and other family members. Grand Isle is also a location for destination weddings. Not only does the island provide scenic beaches and warm weather, but many couples also have long-lasting ties to the island.

Although the people of Grand Isle are currently working on recovering from major hurricane damage, they live one day at a time, simply working together and building relationships.