Quincy Evans Staff

While dancing is popular with all ages, the dance scene has actually begun to dwindle due to changes in club atmospheres. More specifically, to some people, going out to bars and clubs doesn’t have the same appeal to them as it did in their youth.

“See, back then, the dance scene was accompanied by the bars and clubs’ atmosphere; it had more of a feel,” says Gordon Vinning, a club DJ. “And by a feel to it, I mean that it had a more lively and homier atmosphere to it. Almost like everything surrounding the place was trying to keep you coming back to keep having a good time.”

The atmosphere of a place is essential in a club because it sets the tone and puts people at ease to have a good time while dancing, he says.

“They used to have a little dance hall here at Peppers, and a lot of people would come by on weekends and just enjoy themselves,” says Ryan Guidry. “Whenever I come here, I still see some people dance to the music playing, but it’s not as it was before.” 

"Whenever I come here, I still see some people dance to the music playing, but it’s not as it was before."

While local clubs and bars now may not have the same appeal as in the past, the music has stayed consistent. And music and dancing go hand-in-hand.

“For dancing to mean something to a group of people, the right music must be played,” says Stuart Tully, history professor at Nicholls State University. “For example, in breakdancing, the music played has a lot of techno beats and is very fast-paced, which works well with the actual breakdancing style. Everyone around them who saw these kinds of moves got them excited and either cheered them on to do more or joined them. Having both the music and the dance styles there showed what type of energy was at a bar, club, or social event.”

No matter what has changed and what hasn’t, bars and clubs are still there for people to enjoy themselves and dance the night away.

“Seeing someone dance to the music that I’m playing at the time gives me a kickback,” Vinning says. “Even if they are moving side to side or just nodding their head just makes me feel good about what I am doing.”