Jeanne Marie Young photo editor

As the local bars, clubs, entertainment, and hangouts have faded over the decades, often, all that’s left of them is the memories and memorabilia kept by the locals.

While it can be difficult to recall a random Tuesday night spent in a bar years ago, many bars and hangouts utilized promotions and themed-nights to capture the attention of goers, which now allows them to recall and reminisce on the ‘good ole’ days’.

Live music was always a crowd pleaser, so flyers from decades past often listed the bands that would be performing. If that didn’t draw in a crowd, there were also promotions put in place to make the night feel exclusive and keep these hangout spots busy all week long. This included ladies night, grad night, and the chance to get deals on drinks.

Although time only causes the memories to fade, many locals have held on to the tokens and keepsakes that keep these places alive. Memorabilia such as old movie tickets, flyers, and glasses are things that allow people to remember the once thriving youth scene.