The Back Road

Daeshawn armstead Staff

Before Lafourche Parish’s Highway 3225 was paved, it was an old shell road known as The Back Road where youth would hang out.

It was sand from Golden Meadow to West 107th street and limestone to Larose,” recalls Avery Dufrene, who used to go to The Back Road.

The Back Road was a place where youth would meet up to hang out, drink, go mud-riding, party  and fight without parental supervision. 

This spot was popular because of its lack of checkpoints. Checkpoints – where police would stop and inspect cars – would be on LA-1, leaving The Back Road police free.

During this time, in the ’70s and ’80s, phones and the internet were not as easily accessible/portable as they are now. If a teenager wanted to stay in the loop, they had to be on The Back Road in order to socialize.

Jamie Pitre, a local resident, remembers a time when he and his friends were asked by a teacher at South Lafourche High School to fill the van’s tank.

“We took his van to The Back Road and started doing donuts,” says Pitre.

"We took his van to The Back Road and started doing donuts."

Wade Fanguy says The Back Road was a place where they could kick back and have fun. 

“We used to go there to ride our 3-wheelers and drink beer almost every day,” he says. 

The Back Road was a popular hangout spot until the road was paved and turned into a highway in 1985.