Zoe Hebert staff

In 1984, Bayouland YMCA was opened in Houma as a community fitness center.

Bayouland YMCA offers many facilities to their customers such as an aerobics center, fitness center, gym, outdoor field, pool, sauna, weight room, whirlpool, playground, and a youth gym. 

“My wife and kids are always stoked to go swimming at the YMCA,” says Derek Legendre, a resident of Houma. “This is our family’s way of self care.” 

“My wife and kids are always stoked to go swimming at the YMCA.”

Not only is the YMCA a great recreational center for youth to have access to but many fun events and activities are also held by the organization; giving young kids and teens in Houma the opportunity to get out of the house and into the community. 

Due to Hurricane Ida, the Y suffered a lot of damage from the storm. It took around five months to get the building back up to standards before reopening to the public. 

“Although the YMCA had damages from the storm, we were the only summer camp that stayed open for the children,” Andrea Doiren, a past employee of YMCA. “It was great to see that the youth in our town had the chance to still be kids and have somewhere fun to be.”