Youth Survey

What Do Youth Want Today?

A survey of 120 young people from four high schools and one university in the Bayou Region.

Jace Paul Fanguy staff

This semester, Grade Voir Ci looked at the declining activities for the more than 900,000 young adults and teens on the bayou. But one question has loomed, is there still a market for these activities? 

So we asked 120, 13 – 25 year olds from the Bayou Region what they thought. Responses were calculated using a Richter scale.

As shown, most are still interested in the activities of the past like roller skating rinks, bowling alleys and clubs/bars. However, we also wanted to know what else they might want. Twelve respondents put “literally anything” as a response to the question, with some of them mentioning “anything that isn’t a Walmart.” 

Another trend in responses came from the lower Lafourche sample size, who expressed interest in more places to eat. Some quoting Panda Express, Canes, and a Chick-fil-A. This same group also said they would like a movie theater, mini golf, and an arcade. 

A small group mentioned they wanted to see a “Break Room.” A place where customers can let go of stress and anger by breaking whatever is in sight.