Circuit’s Soundtrack

gabrielle chaisson staff A song list made up of 10 notable Chitlin’ Circuit artists from the ’50s and ’60s and their highest-rated Billboard R&B hits, which tracked the success of Black artists among Black audiences. Billboard charts have measured radio sales and jukebox successes since the 1940s. The “Race Records” chart highlighted music targeted at […]

By the Decade

For the more than 900,000 teenagers and young adults in South Louisiana’s Bayou Region, much of the thriving youth culture scene of past decades has disappeared. Bars, clubs, entertainment, and hangouts are now few and far between. “My friends and I would always go to the skating rink for lock-ins to have a good time; […]

South Terrebonne High School

By hannah robert, guest contributor A school campus with the lights on but empty. The school doors barricaded, still keeping students out. The school cafeteria not holding food but instead debris. The school parking lot with no cars parked but instead dumpsters. The building is closed, and yet, school continues. South Terrebonne High School is […]

Schools in Progress

By Alexis Casnave, features Editor Despite it being over a year since Hurricane Ida, schools across Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes are still recovering. Golden Meadow Middle School suffered entensive damages due to Ida including flooding, damaged roofs, and outside benches reduced to rubble. Principal Hennessy Melancon says it took days for anyone to get out […]

Environmental Impacts

By Tyrese Lee, Podcast Editor While the natural areas look like they recover quickly from hurricane damage, the effects of Ida to South Louisiana’s environment is still evident. “They’re very resilient to things like this but if you look at it before and at the aftermath of how much marsh we have versus how much […]

Booming Construction

By Tyrese Lee, podcast Editor While Hurricane Ida damaged homes and businesses in South Louisiana, one industry is booming as they work to rebuild the region. Troy Brown, a contractor from Assumption Parish, says Hurricane Ida’s created so much work due to the massive amount of damage that it caused. “Because there was so much […]

Businesses Rebound

Kajun Twist restaurant in Galliano suffered major damage from Hurricane Ida. Contributed by: Anthony Goldsmith Anthony Golsmith in front of the Kajun Twist restaurant’s temporary food truck while they rebuilt. Contributed by: Anthony Goldsmith Kajun Twist’s popular po’boy. Contributed by: Anthony Goldsmith By Alexis Casnave, Features Editor Despite the hardships Hurricane Ida has caused, it […]

Insurance Struggles

By Meagan Rousse, managing Editor Louisiana residents are still facing insurance issues one year after Hurricane Ida hit. With some insurance companies going bankrupt, policyholders are being left to find relief from state agencies. Homeowner Holly Crochet has been living in a rental for the past year due to struggles with her insurance. “You feel […]