powwow in pictures There are many different styles of dance that take place during a powwow. Each dancer wears regalia unique to that style. Items such as jewelry, pottery, baskets and art are sold from vendors. They are all hand-crafted and authentic to the tribe’s origin. The drumming that takes place during a powwow is […]

Three Sisters

One pound of black beans is added to a separate pot until fully cooked. This take about 5-10 minutes. While the beans cook, prepare the vegetables Chop the onions Slice the squash Slice the sausage Sauté sausage and onions Add the bell peppers and celery Add a handful of fresh shrimp and continue to cook […]

Fry Bread

Step 1 The dough is prepared beforehand and allowed time to rise before preparing this dish. Step 2 Louise Billiot stretches the dough out to make individual pieces of fry bread Step 3 The piece of dough is set in oil at approximately 350 degrees for 3 minutes or until golden brown. Step 3 Step […]

Councilman Janzen Verdin

The United Houma Nation Leadership Listen Dulac, Louisiana United Houma Nation, District #3 By Loyrn Monceaux, Staff WRiter For a tribe of over 19,000, proper communication channels are essential to keeping everyone well informed and active. However, these channels need to be properly developed and maintained by someone with experience. Janzen Verdin joined the United […]

Foods and Influences

By Robbie Trosclair, staff writer For the United Houma Nation, food starts with traditional crops like corn, squash and beans — a trio known as the three sisters because of the way they sustain each other and the soil while growing together. Monique Verdin, a UHN member, believes the food they grow is important to […]

The Musical Backdrop

By Jade Williams, features editor For the United Houma Nation, music represents history. The songs of the tribe are about the lands and the waters. They are also about tribal leaders who were here long ago. “Some of the songs we sing are about the culture and about some of the stuff my people went […]

Traditions Connect to Past

By Brendan Landry, staff writer The southernmost part of Louisiana is home to some of the most diverse people and traditions in the state. One group with many rich traditions is the United Houma Nation. The United Houma Nation is unique in many ways, from the songs they sing to the clothing they wear. The […]

Tribal Government

By hannah orgeron, staff writer Within the United Houma Nation, a system of government has been created. This system is not only important to keep the peace between the people, but it acts as representation for the citizens when they cannot fight by themselves. This system includes the chief, who is currently August “Cocoa” Creppel. […]

Kasha Lacoban Clay

Houma, LOuisiana United Houma Nation Favorite Traditions “I would say community in general. There’s many assets of our community so I have and it all kind of links together at some point or another, but I have elders that I speak with, and even communicate with, and it’s on different levels. But sometimes I’ll be […]