Water Markers // Giving Directions

by Jenna Orgeron, Special Sections Editor Whether acting as an obstacle or navigation tool, the waterways of Louisiana’s bayou region affect the way residents travel and give directions. Daily commutes require a little more planning when bridges and boat traffic have to be figured in. Especially when a bridge is out, leaving travelers stranded. Currently, […]

Flowing Water // Opening Waterways

by Kathleen Rodrigue, Features Editor A $200 million project to reintroduce the Mississippi River into Bayou Lafourche is underway to increase the bayou’s water flow, protecting the region’s drinking water supply, attracting more wildlife and combating saltwater intrusion, officials say. “We can’t do any restoration projects well without more fresh water flowing into Bayou Lafourche,” […]

Marine Industry // The Callais Family

by Kathleen Rodrigue, features editor Louisiana’s coastal residents are no strangers to water, which naturally leads many into the marine industry for careers. Ronald Callais, retired president of Allied Shipyard, is no exception. “I grew up with water all around me, so it has been involved in several aspects of my life. It’s in our […]

Harnessing Offshore Wind // SEACOR

by Kathleen Rodrigue, features editor Three Louisiana companies are using their expertise from the oil and gas industry to contribute to the first commercial offshore wind farm in the United States, supplying a cleaner source of energy. This project is successfully producing clean energy to power Block Island, which is about 13 miles off the […]

Building Back // Caminada Headland

by Kathleen Rodrigue, features editor The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority implemented a $200 million, two-year restoration project to rebuild the Caminada Headland, one of the largest headlands to disappear from Louisiana’s coast due to coastal land loss. “We’re just losing so much land now. Without coastal restoration projects, all locals would have to move,” […]

Celebrating Water // Bayou Festivals

by Jenna Orgeron, special sections editor Locals have not only formed careers and communities based on the numerous waterways of South Louisiana, but they have crafted entire festivals to celebrate the environment that supports their way of life. Festivals and celebrations like Paddle Bayou Lafourche, Tarpon Rodeo, Alligator Festival, Voice of the Wetlands and Thibodeauxville […]

Talk Cajun to Me // “Water Speaking”

by Jenna Orgeron, special sections editor Some southern Louisiana natives still speak in their own language, which evolved from a combination of cultures influenced by their ancestors who first settled along the waterways in the bayou region. Edward Ledet, a fluent Cajun French speaker who was born and raised on Bayou Lafourche, says a large […]

Let Me “Bayou” a Drink // Bar Hopping

by Jenna Orgeron, special sections editor Boat bar-hopping is just one of the unique activities that bayou region residents have discovered and mastered based on their surrounding environment. Seth Cheramie, a 24-year-old resident who was born and raised on the bayou said this is his favorite pastime on the weekends. “It’s something we’ve done since […]

Improving the Bayou // Friends of Bayou Lafourche

by Kathleen Rodrigue, features editor Friends of Bayou Lafourche partnered with Nicholls State University to create an $8.1 million recreational area that will allow the Thibodaux community better access to Bayou Lafourche. Spanning 7.5 acres of land, the Nicholls State University Bayou-Side Comprehensive Master Plan includes sidewalks, floating docks, a boat launch, an outdoor classroom, […]