Cajun Faith & Healing // Traiteurs

by Angelle Gaspard, Managing Editor Traiteur. Treater. Healer by faith. What was once a common practice in South Louisiana has since died down. Gheens is a small town that follows a long, rough road between Matthews and Raceland. Edna Quick lives in the middle of this small town. Quick is a practicing traiteur and the […]

Women Serving the Bayou // Volunteerism

by Jessica Taylor, Features Editor Service leagues around the United States focus on helping their communities and local businesses. Specifically to South Louisiana, the Thibodaux Service League, Ta-Wa-Si Civic Club, and Femmes Natales are groups comprised of female members that focus on helping local schools, universities, businesses, and the community. Thibodaux Service League Thibodaux Service […]

In Government // Annette Fontana

by Jessica Taylor, Features Editor South Louisiana is not short of powerful women. From police officers to business owners and government officials, the women in Louisiana are taking leadership positions and making a difference in the community. Annette Fontana is one of the brave, all-around southern women whose path to success is inspiring. Fontana works […]