Spicin’ It Up<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Cajun Style</span>

by Alondra Medrano Special Sections Editor The use of spices in Cajun cooking is a staple in South Louisiana cuisine. For years, seasoning has been used on traditional red beans, gumbo, and étouffée to add a unique Bayou flare. Cajun or Creole seasoning is made up of salt and pepper with a variety of spices […]

Homemade Specialties<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Bayou Craftin’</span>

Wine jelly crafted and sold at the Southdown Craft Show

South Louisiana prides itself on its deep-rooted history and culture and locals use that culture as an inspiration for their own creativity and crafts. “Everyone has different stories. In South Louisiana, people bring their stories to life through various types of art,” says Alex Gwinn, a craft-show regular and Thibodaux native. “Just like a pot […]

Takin’ Aim<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Huntin’ Down the Bayou</span>

by Jenna Quick Photo Editor by LaToya Roberts Managing Editor Hunting in South Louisiana is a way of life that dates back to the first settlers of the region. It’s a a life of enjoying and living off of the abundant natural resources like ducks, deer, squirrels and rabbits. “It’s here and we have it […]

Bayou Campin’<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Elevated Livin’</span>

by Jenna Quick Photo Editor by Mallory Matherne Co-Features Editor Camping in South Louisiana is the Cajun way of taking time off and getting together with family and friends to play in the water — whether it’s boating, swimming or hunting and fishing. Louisiana isn’t home to many beaches, so locals make do with what […]

Crawfish Season<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // The Best Eatin’</span>

by Jenna Quick Photo Editor by Mallory Matherne Co-Features Editor In the Bayou Region, most traditions come from different cultures melting together. According to “The History of Crawfish in Louisiana,” crawfish boils originated from the Cajuns and from the local Native American tribes, who used to bait reeds with deer meat and catch the crawfish […]

South Louisiana’s Snowball <span style="color:#4B9A98;">// A Frozen Delicacy</span>

by Alondra Medrano Special Sections Editor The sun beats down on South Louisiana, the sweltering heat and humidity smothering the summer fun, yet that’s not enough to keep the spirits down. Instead Cajuns do like most things and replace the agony by consuming food. The particular cure for summers on the bayou are the combination […]