A Recipe Legacy // Generation to Generation

by Caroline Marcello, Special Features Editor The Thibodaux Service League started in March of 1974 with goals to educate women in the community and to take part in charitable acts. In 1982 a group of service league members decided to put together a collection of recipes to create a cookbook. They tested hundreds of recipes […]

Cajun Culture // Everyday Life

by Caroline Marcello, Special Features Editor There are many aspects that come together to create a truly unique culture in Southern Louisiana. Locals place a twist on just about everything, and women in particular love adding cajun flavor to everything they do. Their art, apparel, and stories shouldn’t be taken at face value because everything […]

Timeless Traditions and Treasures // Jewelry

by Caroline Marcello, Special Features Editor Tradition runs deep in almost every aspect of southern living. Generations learn from previous generations. Things like recipes, stories, and family heirlooms are passed down to keep traditions alive. Even though these things don’t cost a lot, the sentimentality behind them make them priceless. One common item passed down […]