Music for the Soul // Soul Project NOLA

by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor New Orleans music is one of the jewels of the south. Inspired by the city’s rich cultural background, Soul Project NOLA has gathered great crowds everywhere they go. The group composed by six musicians has achieved its recognition playing a range of gigs, FROM THE STREETS OF NEW ORLEANS TO […]

Louisiana Artist Finds Inspiration in the Beauties of the South

by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor THE RICH WILDLIFE AND UNIQUE SCENERY OF THE SOUTHERN COAST is the main theme in the paintings of Kelly Pierre, an artist native to Houma, Louisiana. Pierre is a 44-year-old artist who saw opportunity in Louisiana’s themed art to launch his career in fine arts painting. He showcased his paintings […]

A Sneak Peek // Louisiana’s Backyard

by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor Record-breaking hard freezes and hurricanes have directly affected Louisiana’s citrus industry for decades. The persistence of the farmers, support of locals and incentives from the local government is what keeps the production going until today. You can see the community involvement in the promotion of the local citrus crop at […]

The Po’Boy // A Piece of Louisiana History

by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor A loaf of french bread split open, filled with meat and dressed properly is not just a sandwich; THE FAMOUS NEW ORLEANS PO’BOY is a piece of Louisiana’s history. The Oak Street Po’boy Festival celebrates the richness of Po’boy sandwiches with lots of music, arts and innovative takes on the […]

Voice of the Wetlands // Putting Louisiana’’s Coastal Loss in the Spotlight

by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor Louisianans love to celebrate — everything from food to music to crops. But what many tourists don’t see is we also hold festivals to raise awareness. THE VOICE OF THE WETLANDS FESTIVAL is one of those festivals that brings attention to how coastal erosion and land loss is affecting Louisiana’s […]

Music Pulls the Strings // A Vendor’s Booth

by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor Music in Louisiana moves more than the tourism industry in the state – it is also the inspiration behind STRING THEORY: GUITAR STRING JEWELRY COMPANY. Amanda Wells is Houma native who created the line of designer jewelry. String Theory’s jewelry are one of a kind designer pieces handmade in Louisiana […]

Duck Racing // Down the Bayou

by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor THE THIBODAUXVILLE FALL FESTIVAL DUCK RACE became a tradition that gathers thousands of people on the banks of Bayou Lafourche every year. 2,000 numbered ducks are dumped on the bayou at 4 p.m. to compete for cash prizes. Tourists and locals alike cheer for their yellow rubber ducks as it […]

Big Boys // Can Cook

by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor THE BIG BOY’S MAIN STREET COOK-OFF unites the best of South Louisiana’s culture: the flavorful dishes of cajun cuisine prepared by locals with fresh ingredients. Over 45 teams gathered on historic downtown Thibodaux on November 11, to prepare traditional dishes such as jambalaya, gumbo, etouffee and much more. “This is […]

Louisiana Festivals // Off The Beaten Path

Previous Next by Ana Pizzolio, Features Editor Every semester, the staff at Garde Voir Ci takes a look at different aspects of SOUTH LOUISIANA’S UNIQUE culture, places and people. The Fall 2016 issue will showcase a selection of offbeat festivals that represent the ultimate South Louisiana experience — celebrations of our culture beyond the nationally […]