Hurricane History

On the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana has no history without hurricanes. But how does 2021’s Hurricane Ida stack up against some of the region’s other storms?

News Coverage

National and local news all covered Hurricane Ida’s buildup, landfall and aftermath. Each told the story in a different way. Here’s a sampling of various coverage of the Bayou Region as the storm unfolded. All Local National The Advocate 4WWL CNN WDSU The Advocate HTVHouma NBC Houma Today CBS ABC The Advocate

Loss of Businesses

By Dex Duet, Features editor Hurricane Ida’s destruction put the bayou at a standstill. It halted the overall sense of normalcy, especially for business owners who had to deal with damages to both homes and businesses. Brenda Dardar Robichaux, the owner of Chez Felicite, a local wedding venue and bed and breakfast, was grateful to […]

Restoring Power

By Aaron Schaubhut Podcast Editor Hurricane Ida is already considered one of the most damaging storms of all time, destroying structures and leaving millions without power. While residents looked to pick up the pieces, linemen came from all over the country to help restore the power needed to rebuild. And while many came from far […]

Loss of Homes

By Mikaela Chiasson-Knight, Managing Editor A home is more than a place of residence, they are places to find security, make memories and build lives. As Ida left the Bayou Region, it took stability from a countless number of families in South Louisiana. With so many buildings damaged and destroyed, residents are left scrambling to […]

Donations & Help

By Mikaela Chiasson-Knight Managing editor Even in times of devastation, the locals of Louisiana’s bayou region are vigilant about giving back to their communities. As soon as Hurricane Ida ripped through the area, people from all areas began helping those in need. “Even though so many people were struggling after the storm passed, it was […]

Loss of History

A Personal Story: Losing Homes & History By Dex Duet, Features editor Dollie Duet, a native of Golden Meadow, Louisiana, lost most of her belongings during Hurricane Ida. Her home, her vehicle, and her sense of peace, all washed away with Ida’s devastating fury. She is currently staying between friends’ and family’s houses waiting for […]

First Responders

By Dex Duet, Features editor Under Hurricane Ida’s mandatory evacuations, most families in the Bayou Region packed up and left. But law enforcement officers prepared and then stood ready to face the brunt of the storm and the aftermath. “We’re in the middle of the storm working and they [other officers] get reports back that […]

Omar Marquez

Military (Ventura, California) Evacuated What has been the hardest part for you living through and after Ida? “The hardest thing was the aftermath. It was hard to find supplies.” What do you think is the biggest loss from Ida? “My biggest loss honestly wasn’t much, but some of the other people at my unit were […]

Shaina Curry

Thibodaux, Louisiana Evacuated to Austin, Texas What has been the hardest part for you living through and after Ida? “The hardest thing was how scared we were and how much my family were impacted by it.” What do you think is the biggest loss from Ida? “Our biggest loss was the amount of money that […]