Takin’ Aim<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Huntin’ Down the Bayou</span>

by Jenna Quick Photo Editor by LaToya Roberts Managing Editor Hunting in South Louisiana is a way of life that dates back to the first settlers of the region. It’s a a life of enjoying and living off of the abundant natural resources like ducks, deer, squirrels and rabbits. “It’s here and we have it […]

Bayou Campin’<span style="color:#4B9A98;"> // Elevated Livin’</span>

by Jenna Quick Photo Editor by Mallory Matherne Co-Features Editor Camping in South Louisiana is the Cajun way of taking time off and getting together with family and friends to play in the water — whether it’s boating, swimming or hunting and fishing. Louisiana isn’t home to many beaches, so locals make do with what […]