Pain Perdu

Elda "Sis" Rousseau Guillot's recipe for "lost bread," or French toast. Pain PerduElda ``Sis`` Rousseau Guillot Ingredients1 egg2 tsp sugar2 slices stale bread MethodPrep1 beat 1 egg with 2 teaspoons of sugar. take 1 slice of stale bread and coat in the mixture. Makes 2 slices. Cook2 Put in a skillet with a small amount [...]

Katherine LeBlanc Landry’s Kitchen

Katherine LeBlanc Landry was born in September 1946 in Grand Bayou to Icy "Nice" Rousseau LeBlanc and Murphy "Pote" LeBlanc. She married Lee James Landry and had three children and 10 grandchildren — creating lasting memories with her meals. When Katherine died in 2018, her granddaughter Chelsie Dinino put together a cookbook with all of [...]

Loose Grind Meat Spaghetti

The ultimate comfort food of the Addie Rousseau family was Maw Maw Mabel’s “Loose Grind Meat” spaghetti. As any real Cajun cook, she created her family favorites with no written recipe. And when she told her daughter-in-law Kathleen Whaley Rousseau the recipe, she omitted the "secret ingredient." That is until they were all stuck inside [...]

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Mabel “Maw Maw” Hebert Rousseau was famous for [her pineapple upside down cake]. For church bake sales, people in the community (from Grand Bayou to Paincourtville) would call her to see if she was making it and they would reserve it for themselves so it wouldn’t ever make it to church! It was a race [...]