The Frontlines // COVID-19

Clelie Hebert Deployed to a field hospital in New York City with the US Army during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ashley Breland Nurse at Children’s Hospital New Orleans Aimee Breland Barrois Nurse at Ochsner Medical Center By Shaun Breaux, Features Editor Like most communities across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the former community of Grand […]

Moving On // Staying Connected

By Wil Rhodes, Staff Writer Though Grand Bayou was once a thriving community, over time, its residents moved away. The reasons, like better jobs, were many, with the last remaining families forced to relocate in the early 2000s due to salt dome mining. “There was just no work for the girls,” says David Schexnayder, whose […]

Living On // Traditions

By Wes Rhodes, Staff Writer People who grew up living in Grand Bayou say it will always have a special place in their hearts. While the small community is no longer habitable for residents, the people of Grand Bayou left behind traditions that still keep the spirit of Grand Bayou alive today. An early Grand […]

Still Battling // Salt Dome Legal Case

By Emilee Theriot, Staff Writer On August 3, 2012, a sinkhole developed near the Napoleonville salt dome in Assumption Parish. After the sinkhole emerged, various parties filed lawsuits. Now, with the 8th anniversary of the Napoleonville salt dome sinkhole approaching, the legal battle is not done. “In all of my years working at the First […]