Carlton Cheramie

Cutoff, Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“There weren’t that many places to go and hangout down the bayou, but my old friends and I would always hang out at the Jet Drive In and at the Safari Club. We were high school kids at the time, and we would go to places that had dances and they weren’t really nightclubs, but just outdoor events with live music. For example, the Safari Club, at first it had a location in Thibodaux, then it moved down to the barge in the bayou; and it was interesting because its name gave the club a jungle motif to it.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“The thing I enjoyed the most was sports and I was into football, basketball, baseball, softball and I would enjoy playing those sports every weekend with my friends.”
What is an experience that you would like to experience for the first time again?
“When I was going to Nicholls – I went to Nicholls from 70 to 73 and I went to LSU from 73 to 76 for Law school – and at Nicholls, we didn’t have a football team, we just had club football at the time. They had a lot of fraternity things at Nicholls at that time too. I enjoyed that and the comradery and the contacts of friendships that you create.”
Experience at Nicholls
Profile by Quincy Evans