Denis Gaubert

Thibodaux , Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“My favorite activity as a young teenager was going crawfishing in the Brule Guillot swamps with my father and brothers. We would buy “melt” (cow lungs and organs) from the Ice House in North Thibodaux and then drive to the swamps with our crawfish traps. Many times we could catch 100 pounds in a couple of hours and then bring them home to boil for our family and cousins.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“My favorite memory of my youth is visiting my paternal grandmother’s home on St. Mary Street (Highway 1) right outside of the Thibodaux city limits. My grandmother was a very intelligent and independent woman who maintained an heirloom garden, kept a mynah bird, chickadees, and finches, and made her own blackberry wine. She knew all the family history, including her grandfather’s stories of his time in the Confederate army. She was also a great cook.”
What was your favorite place?
“Right around the time that I graduated from high school and started college at Nicholls, my favorite place to visit was a private club, private bar, called The Iron Horse. This is where I and most of my fraternity brothers would hang out, you know, after class and in the evenings. This bar does not exist anymore by the way.”
The Iron Horse
Profile by Victoria Davis-Abad