Diana Lasseigne

Leeville/Galliano, Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“We used to enjoy going to a dance hall called The Stagecoach. It was located on 308 and it was just a nice spot, they had single couples but a lot of married couples went there. You couldn’t do it every weekend, but we did do it on occasion. And you know you can go and have a few drinks and dance all night. That was one of the spots we went to a good bit. The building and everything is gone now. None of that exists anymore. That was one of the spots on the bayou that we had.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“We had a dance spot that was called Bellevue Hall, and that was on Highway 1. And actually that was across from South Lafourche, right around that area across from South Lafourche. That was the hangout, that was the teenage hangout. And at that time, I lived in Leeville, so my dad, on his to drive us and he’d bring us there then the next week our neighbor did it. That was something we did every weekend.”
What were some things you and your relatives would do for fun growing up?
“There were several things that we would do for fun. One of the things is the thing I said, the dancing, going to the dance floor once a week. We would go to the drive-in movies. I don’t think they have that anywhere. We would do that Thursday nights, we went to drive-in movies. That place got blown away in a hurricane and they never brought it back. Another thing that we did, in Leeville there wasn’t much to do. We had a fire station that they set up a basketball goal that they set up in the station, since there was never a truck in the station.”
Fun Things To Do
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