Dr. John Doucet

Hometown: Palmetto Lane, Golden Meadow, Louisiana

Connection to the Circuit
Dr. Doucet is the Dean of the Sciences and Technology Department at Nicholls State University. He has a special interest in the anthropology of local populations and the culture of Southeast Louisiana. He is familiar with Guitar Slim, Leroy Martin, and remembers hearing the songs from that era growing up. He comments on the impact that Chitlin’ Circuit artists’ had on culture not only in the African American community, but also among local white artists.
Favorite memory connected to the Chitlin' Circuit music?
“I would say that when my mom would recite a famous song, it made the whole family think, ‘Oh, I’ve got to look that up. If momma says it’s important,’ So, I would say that her popular music background and those memories made me at least knowledgeable of that era of music.”

Guitar Slim

favorite artist

“The Things I Used to Do” by Guitar Slim

favorite song