Ethan Henry

Houma, Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“My favorite activity has to be playing golf. I play with my dad all the time at Ellendale. It’s a blast for both me and my dad, because it fosters father-son bonding that you cannot get in any other setting.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“Going to my Granny’s house to go eat. She always had some amazing food over there. My entire family would show up which made it even better.”
Are the places you used to go to when you were younger still around?
“I mean, we have the bowling alley in Houma. We don’t have laser tag anymore, we don’t have Pinocchios, so it’s kind of tough. I do think there’s a market for somebody to start an environment for kids to have a place to go and play safely. And not just for one demographic, you can bring all demographics there. I think that would be great. And then, build connections for kids across town. So, I think that would be a phenomenal thing. They did have one place, that is, the sand volleyball courts in Houma, that tried to start doing that. And they did a pretty good job, but it’s more of the adult crowd than the youth, so I think there’s a pretty good market for it.”
What’s Still Around?
Profile by Jace Fanguy