Fr. JD Matherne

Raceland, Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“There was an organized, fun part of it where I played sports and things like that; so I was at the Raceland Ballpark all the time. A lot of it was when we had games, but also when my friends were playing and stuff. I would go, my dad would go watch the other games and was around the ballpark a lot, so I remember not only did we play on organized teams, but also, friends and stuff would go to the ballpark as well. So we hung around the ballpark a decent amount.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“I do remember my mom dropping us off, and it being four or five guys and we had coordinated with a couple of girls [that] we had met at a party, or a football game, or something like that– like a high school game or whatever. One of our buddies was talking to one of the girls and so, they got a group of friends, we got a group of friends, and we kind of caught up and all hung out. We didn’t do anything too stupid and, you know, didn’t run off and do anything dumb, but it was a chance to just remember– just having a big group of friends coming together. It really was, kind of, the converging point where everybody would get together, and then we all walked over to the movies after and watched a movie and it was fun.”
Raceland Ballpark
Profile by Kelby Toups