Jeanne Sewell Howell

Thibodaux , Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“When we were young we used to like to go to, uh, the Iron Horse. That was the club that everybody went to and they would have pay one price, I think it was $5 on Tuesday nights and that’s where we would go when we were going to Nicholls, everybody would show up on– no it was Thursday’s, not Tuesday’s, Thursdays; it would be, uh pay one price. Uh, When I was a little bit younger, we did Wheels R Rollin, which was the skating rink and outside of that, the only other place to hangout was like the mall. Everybody would just go to the mall and hangout and walk around.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“Mardi Gras in Peltier Park, I just remember when we were little we used to go to Peltier Park, uh and we would catch the parades out there during Mardi Gras and that was just a fun time. It was back in the day when everybody would dress up for, uh, Mardi Gras. So I remember when my mom wrapping me in –uh– the tinsel that you put around a tree so I could be an icicle. *laughs* And sometimes we’d cut holes in sheets and would be a ghost, but it was like uh, the way people dress up for Halloween, that’s the way everybody would dress up in the 80’s for Mardi Gras.”
Iron Horse
Profile by Delaney Ligori