Jo Ann Caillouet

Houma, Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“My favorite youth activity was when the neighborhood kids and adjoining neighborhood kids would ride our bicycles all over the neighborhoods. We would ride our bicycles to the park, we would meet at the park. We would also ride our bicycles to the pool and hang out at the pool with all of our friends in different houses and make up things to do.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“My favorite memory growing up was when we would, on Saturdays, be given maybe a dollar and we would do what we call ‘Walk to Town’. It was probably eight to ten blocks to town and we would spend all day walking from Barrow to Laffeyette back to Barrow Street just going into different shops and buying little trinkets and finding something to eat and maybe going to the movies. And then, we would walk home.”
‘Walk to Town’
Profile by Zoe Hebert