Lisa Stahlnecker

Galliano , Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“Well, when we were in high school, the only place that we could really hang out was at the Safari Club on the weekends. We also had a bowling alley, but down the bayou itself, we would go down to Grand Isle and hang out. We would also go to Houma to see movies and go shopping.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“I would say just going out with friends. Going to Houma and going shopping with friends and stuff, that’s what the girls like to do. We would go out dancing on Friday nights, you know the weekend and stuff.”
What is a place that you would like a younger generation to experience what you have?
(Talking about the Safari Club) “I agree with that, because there isn’t really a lot down there, and that is something that we looked forward to. The way “The Safari” was situated was that certain nights were for the older generation, the teenagers you know, certain nights which were mostly Fridays and Saturdays. Weekdays were for the older generation, so if they had something like that where, each generation had a place to go and mingle and dance and enjoy themselves that something that they always needed.”
The Safari Club
Profile by Quincy Evans