Mary Elizabeth Hoffmann Maniscalco

Thibodaux , Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“Sunday night dances at the Woodman of the World. I think you had to be twelve or thirteen to go. There was a band and people would come from other towns, so you could meet other boys (and girls) and we had so much fun.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“Other than family memories, I think of fun things we used to do. The one I remember the most is summertime scavenger hunt parties on bicycles, riding around to get the items and then rushing back to the party location, hoping to win! We’d usually form teams of three to four. It would be during the early evening, 6:00pm-8:00pm, and starting to get dark.”
What was your favorite place?
“So my favorite place to go to was the College Inn in Thibodaux. We used to have bands that came every weekend. Big bands, like Fats Domino, played there. My mother and father had a group called the Cooney Club and they would also go there. The adults would go there and dance to big bands. I used to sneak into the College Inn at sixteen [because] I wasn’t old enough, and wasn’t supposed to be there. But, I used to go at sixteen with friends and it was so much fun. We would dance ourselves all night long and meet so many people, because people would come from all over when we had names like Fats Domino and Erma Thomas perform there. They used to have a snack bar and they had the best hamburgers. It was just a fun place to be. I’m not sure if I’d want it to come back. Where it’s located right now is not a really nice area. It wasn’t a ‘bad area’ when we used to go there. But now, if it came back to its same location, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be good.”
College Inn
Profile by Victoria Davis-Abad