Myra Cheramie

Thibodaux , Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“I would love to go to the drive-in: it’s an outdoor big-screen TV type thing, and you put the speakers in your car so you can listen to the movie as you watch it. I liked it, not really for what they showed, but we were a bunch of girls and we got out of the station wagon, and ran around because we brought cats and would chase the cats around the drive-in.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“When I was in school, we had a unique high school gang called ‘The Odd Squad’. Most people hated high school, but we loved it because we bonded as a whole bunch of girls would. Later on, several of us would go to nursing school together and we’re still friends to this day.”
What is a place that you would like to have the younger generation to experience?
“It’s called The Safari. It was a place, a big old building where they can make a stage and you can go listen to all the bands from our day and age. Everybody just stands around, you could either dance or stand around and watch the bands. And a few of our friends were potheads and would stand in front of the bands and smoke pot, not us though.”
The Safari
Profile by Quincy Evans