Paula Hebert

Bourg, Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“My favorite youth activity was when we would go roller skating at ‘Galaxy On Wheels’. My parents would drop us off, usually on the weekends, and we would spend the entire day there. The music was always blaring and I remember going around and around the rink for hours. It was a safe space for me and my girlfriends to go for us to have fun.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“One of my favorite memories was hanging out at Creole Lanes. After we graduated high school, it was one of my top places to hang out. We would normally pay ten to fifteen dollars to play two-three rounds of bowling. I remember when the purple lights would come on and all of the decals on the table would glow, that was really fun and exciting to see.”
Creole Lanes
Profile by Zoe Hebert