Reyna Yarwood

Gray, Louisiana
Favorite Youth Activity/Spot
“Honestly, we used to hang out in the woods across from where we lived, where those houses and those trailers are. There used to be a wooded area and we used to be there from sunup to sun down. When we did things outside of the neighborhood, it was usually the skating rink, when they would do the lock-ins. Neither one of those places are still there. There’s no more wooded area, and the skating ring is gone too.”
Favorite Youth Memory
“I think my favorite memory was probably being in Girl Scouts because my mom was very strict and we weren’t allowed to go many places with friends, but anytime there was something to do with Girl Scouts like the lock-ins, or camping, or going to different places I was always allowed to do that. So that’s my favorite memory.”
Hang Out in the Woods
Profile by Alayna Yarwood