Thomas Lyons

Hometown: Jane Avenue, Houma, Louisiana

Connection to the Circuit
Mr. Thomas is a local part-time musician and full-time salesman who has a passion for music from this time period. He has toured with local bands, has extensively researched Thibodaux’s role in the Chitlin’ Circuit, and has a special interest in the musicians of the time. In 1976, he served as the Student Entertainment Board Chairman at Nicholls State University and booked some artists who got their start on the Chitlin’ Circuit.
How has the Circuit impacted your love for music and the community?
“You wonder sometimes why you are the way you are or why you’re compelled to do things. I think when I realized that that [the Chitlin’ Circuit] was here, and that I just naturally gravitated to that music, it was almost like Church. It spurred my quest for what went on and who was involved in all of that. Just the fact that [the Sugar Bowl] and Hosea Hill was here and doing what he did, it was an enriching thing for me, because it validated my own sense of place and connected it to these passions that I had. It just reinforced something that was already developing in me and that to this day just burns for this music.”

Tina Turner

favorite artist

“Proud Mary” by Tina Turner

favorite song