Dex Duet

Thibodaux, Louisiana

“I think my favorite memory was later in life, actually right before Ida hit. There was like a four-month span, I live in Thibodaux currently but I like to visit from time to time cause it’s close to my hometown, but every time I would go I would meet up with my friends from my home town. We would go down to the beach at 4 in the morning right when the sun comes up and we would catch crabs and have a big crab boil. That was always tons of fun.”
“Probably the culture. There’s a lot you can say about physical damage and things loss, but it’s the people, their home, their sense of safety, their feeling of togetherness, because that’s what it is in South Lafourche. I feel like that’s kind of lost right now.”
“If you had asked me that right after Ida, I’d have said it’s probably never coming back and it’s just going to be a wasteland. I think they’re going to rebuild though. I’ve heard talks about that a lot lately. Watching the bayou come back from this is like “this is it, this killed the Bayou,” but I really do have hope for them. They’re turning it around. I think it’s going to take some time, but I think with the people who do exist down there, it will eventually find itself back to normal.”