Rachel Hebert

Schriever, Louisiana

“My favorite memory was about five years ago when we went on a big family trip, we rented a huge cabin and we tried to do some offshore fishing and the weather was too bad, but we fished off the dock and we spent lots of time playing games and cooking and things like that.”
“I live an hour and a half away from Grand Isle, but I still consider myself a tourist because we would go there often and my husband my brother-in-law and always would go offshore fishing and they have not been able to go. We would go and rent places and we would do lots of rodeos.I think so many people are not going to be able to go because so many of the rental properties have been so damaged.”
“I think it will come back. It has before so many times for so many other major hurricanes like Katrina and things. It’s come back because it’s such an important part of Louisiana and its history. Like I said, I’ve just remembered going there since I was a child so I do believe that it’ll come back. It’ll take a while, but the people there love it.”