Aggie’s Skate Connection

Zoe Hebert Staff

While many skating rinks in the Bayou Region have closed, Aggie’s Skate Connection in Houma is still going strong, celebrating their 25th anniversary March 7.

“I love watching my customers smile, laugh, and truly enjoy themselves,” says current owner Tish Aguillard, who has managed Aggie’s since 1998. “I try to play all happy go lucky good vibe music for them.”

"I love watching customers smile, laugh, and truly enjoy themselves."

The rink is part of a family tradition that started with Aguillard’s grandfather, Raeburn Ardoin, in 1952 when he built his first skating rink. Aggie’s has had several names and locations, but is now down to just Aggie’s Skate Connection on Main Street in Houma, which opened in 1998.

For many adults now, skating was a huge part of their childhood years. Aggies was and still is the place where many young children learn how to skate, have birthday parties, and take school field trips. It even has been the spot for people to book private events,  skating all night. 

“One of the best memories I have from there is when we would all stop in the middle of the rink and start dancing to the Chicken Dance,” says Julia Eagle, a former Houma resident. “It was awesome to see everyone come together collectively, dancing and having fun to this classic party song.” 

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