Successful Generations // The Rouse Family

by Ashlyn Verda, staff writer There are lots of things one might see when driving through the Bayou Region — gators, bayous, bait shops and airboats. But there is one thing everyone will see while in southeast Louisiana — Rouses Markets, a locally owned, regional grocery store chain since 1960 that’s still in the family. […]

Bayou Structures // Notable Architecture

As you travel through the Bayou Region you will likely see a lot of unique architecture you may have not seen anywhere else. These are several characteristics that you will notice all across the region at plantations, hotels and local businesses. French doors are one of the most common architectural features in the Bayou Region. […]

It’s a Party // Mardi Gras Like a Local

by Madison Boudoin, staff writer Down on the bayou, locals know exactly how to have a good time. Even the smallest of gatherings can turn into a celebration and for no particular reason at all. People on the bayou know how to throw a great party, and Mardi Gras is no exception. Mardi Gras is […]

Locally Sweet // Mon Cher Honey

by Ashlyn Verda, staff writer & videographer Cassidy Smith, a 23-year-old Nicholls alumnus, created Mon Cher Honey— mon cher being French for “my dear”— in 2018. What began as an assignment for a college course and a favor for a friend, became a passion project for Smith as the sole owner and operator of the […]

Local Art // Chauvin Sculpture Garden

A sculpture depicting Christ and his follower carrying a cross symbolizing the meaning of cross carrying in the bible, which is carrying your own burdens. Photo credit: Sydney Moxley A sculpture of an angel blowing a horn, similar to a revelation in the Bible when the seventh angel will blow the trumpet to announce the […]